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Guns don't kill people, er... stupidity does


...And the lord did look unto the earth and did shaketh his head and say 'balls... I hath made some morons.'

So this video (video can be found here) is doing the rounds on the internet lately and it is a pretty good piece of evidence supporting why automatic and semi-automatic weapons should be banned everywhere.  I want to clarify that I live on acres on bushland and fend off foxes, snakes and the occassional persistent mormon so I am completely in favor of single shot rifles and the like.

But until the foxes can shoot back, chill out on automatic weapons people.

In a moment of brilliance this guy thought it would be a good to teach a 9 year old to fire an uzi...  WTF kind of school is a nine year old going to that she needs to learn to fire an uzi (Goodna State Primary - AmIright? No. w/e).  Unfortunately when the weapon was set to full auto, the recoil launched the weapon out of her hands and riddled the instructor with bullets...

Congratulations sir on your Darwin award.

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