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The Dick Whisperer—A novel

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 Genre: comedy, drama

'Cute and funny.  Like Sex and the City meets Daria...'

My name is Sarah O’Reilly, and I can hear penises.’
There.  She’d said it.  Out loud.  Even as the words came out of her mouth she laughed at how ridiculous it sounded.  Under her breath she muttered, ‘What a shitty super power…’
She looked upwards as if speaking to a sovereign being and her voice took on exasperated tones, ‘Seriously?  You couldn't have given me something that I could fight crime with or maybe attempt world domination?’

Synopsis – The Dick Whisperer
by Daniel Kroker

Sarah O’Reilly has a secret; she can hear men’s sexual thoughts.  It’s an ability that is both her boon and burden.  As a sales advertising executive she has used her ability to fly up the corporate ladder as the golden child of ‘Adhere Enterprises’.  The phrase ‘sex sells’ means a little more when you hear exactly what one half of that equation is thinking, yet her dating life is a disaster.  Even when you don’t need a man, it’s still nice to have one—choosing one can be difficult if every man you speak to literally sounds like a dick.

Join Sarah as she struggles through a multitude of dating and professional catastrophes on a journey of self-discovery, as well as compassionate understanding of the biological dilemma faced by the opposite sex.

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