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What’s an ‘-ism’?


An ‘-ism’ should never be confused with an ‘-asm’.   ‘-Asms’ tend to be appreciated by many (eg orgasms, pithy sarcasm etc) ‘-isms’ however, tend to appeal to a more select audience.

‘-Isms’ are odd repetitive behaviours, ideas and opinions performed or had by an individual.  We all have ‘-isms’ and they serve a vital function, they tell us how accepted we are, either generally in social circles, or around people that matter to us.

If your date notices your ‘-isms’ and still accepts you, it’s true love.

If an acquaintance notices your ‘isms’ and accept you, they’re bestie material.

If you family notices your ‘-isms’ and accepts you… it’s miraculous (cause no ‘-isms’ are more annoying than your family’s—AmIright?).

Do you have an ‘-ism’—Tell us in the comments below!

OK... but what's a DAN-ism...

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