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#Celebgate - The hacker speaks


So since last night Reddit, 4Chan and Imgur were being beaten to death by server requests related to #Celebgate also known as #TheFappening.  Then there was a lull for a while with the hacker promising to post more images at 1AM.  At 1AM nothing happened and the forums went berko with people wanting to know where the next round of pics were.

The hacker showed up again a few hours later with this message:

If you've been following today's events you'll quickly find there are two categories of people, those actually looking for the pics (I personally take no issue with that) and people like me who just can't believe what a train-wreck this is. Reddit has an entire channel that has nothing to do with the pics and just boatloads of people just standing around shaking their head like:

I mean there is a very real argument to be made here that by following this we're encouraging its propagation, that this is a terrible thing, that real people are being affected... But I can't walk away! The blood bath is too monstrous, there have been hacks before but nothing like this, nothing on this scale! It's electronic carnage and a part of me desperately wants to know where it's going to go.  I mean... will they catch this guy or will he just disappear?  If this did come from an iCloud issue, what does this mean for Apple?  If it isn't from an iCloud breach and they find the guy behind this, you'd imagine that Apple plans to sue him into the ground for product defamation, not to mention the host of wealthy lawyered-up celebrities, and of course the expected criminal prosecution.

There are a handful of images floating around that suggest that the mind behind this is a 15 year old kid called Tristan. I'm not going to link to where that little nugget comes from for only this reason: if it's true, he's a minor and minors don't always make the best decisions.  If it was clear that he's an adult, I'd plaster that on this page as well under the reasoning of 'celeb news is celeb news, and now, he's a celeb too'.

If Celebgate offends your sensibilities (and reasonably so), I applaud your moral superiority... Personally, I can't wait to see what happens next.

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