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#Celebgate - it's still fappening...



Sorry about the break peoples. At 2am I had to go to bed and pass out, but I woke up this morning to check the threads and my face did this:

Celebgate!  ... The Fappening.

I can't believe there's more stuff.  How have they not caught this guy? Or as I should say - 'guys' - as it is pretty clear now that this is a chain of people starting off with one original leaker who was just looking to make some BitCoin, but the person he sold it to thought it was a great scam, bought a chunk of his stuff and stole the idea creating his own BitCoin trail.  From there, it's just gone sideways as hell.

The internet is screaming for the person still at the helm to dump all of this stuff online and destroy the evidence before it is lost forever:

Click image to enlarge
But I don't see it happening.  What I can tell you so far is that there is a stockpile of this stuff, the motherload of pics AND videos, and it is - eight ... hundred... and eighty... megabytes...  Yeah. There's that much leaked stuff and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

More names are being added to the list of people outed but it's dicey because people are clearly putting up 1) fakes to be one of the kewl kids on Reddit; 2) old stuff to try and get cheap upvotes - so there is a legion of people casting votes on the legitimacy of each item that leaks and then a horde of internet sleuths doing detective work to indeed prove the accuracy of everything.

I'm amazed at the teamwork behind this, imagine if humanity could do this on something like ending world hunger?  But actual causes? LOL - yeah right, the internet bands together for one thing and one thing only:


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