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Don't piss off the internet, it pisses back. Or does it?



So Recently Emma Watson become the target of internet hoaxers and as part of this hoax two fake websites were created and

I was pretty pissed about the whole thing and it appears I'm not alone.  The hacking community weren't thrilled by it either with a group called Le 9Gag Army, and a chapter of Anonymous, as well as segments of the Ebaumsworld and the 4Chan community getting together to deface both websites.

Where previously held a message to Barack Obama to shut down 4Chan it now has this:

The fake website ( used to report on this which held a series of questionable news stories, now looks like this:

I believe this leaves the score at:

Social Hoaxers:  1
Hackers:             1

Alternatively, insert evil conspiracy theory here, this is the hoaxers setting themsevles up to look like victims to keep the conversation going. has some pretty terrible things written there by the supposed 4Chan community, making it look like a bunch of evil racists gremlins, so anyone who might be sympathetic to them might be less so after they read the text written on that page.

Also Ebaumsworld has some amazingly awful shit on it, so theoritically a group of people who would never normally go to this website are going to go there and go "oh my god... this place is-" insert vomit noises "this site has to go!!!"

EDIT: Ebaumsworld has seriously tamed since the last time I was there, I take the above sentence back. It now has the capacity to incite about as much moral outrage as Cheetos stains on white linen. The rest remains true though.

Consider that this entire thing was a pitch to censor the internet, and these hacks might actually do more to further that cause because of the language used. Which leads me to the next conspiracy theory.

Who is the only group trying to censor the internet in America but can't get it passed because legions of people keep losing their minds and blocking bills?

The American Congress in association with Pro-Copyright Anti-Piracy groups.  How is the only way that these people will pass meaningful legislation through senate the stops freedom of speech - if the people ask for it.  How do you get that - moral outrage.

Who was placed on the case of tracking all of the leaked nudes in the first place?  The FBI.

So I'm throwing out three theories here and you can take your pick.  This is:
  1. A legitmate hack
  2. The next phase of the social hoax
  3. Government conspiracy/CIA/FBI/Anti-piracy campaign
  4. The return of Jesues in the form of super capable moral adware

Which do you think it is - or do you have a theory of your own?

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