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Feminism is not about teaching minors cunnilingus, mmmkay?

*Note, if you do have an educated understanding of gender equality and use Facebook or Reddit, please don’t think I’m speaking down to you in this article.  The terms are merely indicative of the prevalence of ignorance being perpetuated through social media.


I don’t even know where to begin with this story:

When I read the intro to the above article, I laughed my ass off.  It was so absurd that I just couldn’t believe that it was a real life story.  I stopped laughing however when I got to the email at the end story (email included at the end of this article) and just facepalmed.

In short, a mother decided to bring into a second grade class baked goods in the shape of vaginas, so she could educate all the kids on the human vagina. 

But it gets better.

The way I read this is that she brought kids—vaginas—that they could put in their mouth… because how else do you teach kids the correct technique to cunnilingus (I too am a cunning linguist! No? Okay… sorry.)?  Why did she think this was a good idea? Because …Feminism of course!

Wait. What?

On the upside, based on the pic of the very many different coloured vaginas, theoretically she at least supports Intersectional Feminism.

This is a quote from the mother to the teacher after the teacher kiboshed the mother’s efforts:

“We as women should stand together and inform people about the vagina and how to please it.”

Just to clarify–I have a penis.  I make it my business to know about the feminist ideology largely because I have a female partner that I want to ensure has equal rights, treatment and freedom from gender role obligations.  So understanding the position of the loudest voice on gender equality is pretty important to me (I am not a feminist, I identify as GEA).  But... *Pauses to look through Germaine Greer’s ‘The Female Eunuch…* I can’t seem to find the section of the feminist bible that promotes teaching minors about how to go down on women…

Let me be clear, there are elements of Feminism that promote education and acceptance of the female body as part of the empowerment of women.  The reason for this is that body shaming  attached to the stigmatisation of female sexuality and through association, anatomy, is a challenge presented by our culture’s Judaeo-Christian heritage…  but that doesn’t mean that parents get to dictate terms on sex education to minors. All of this leads me to believe that this has nothing to do with feminism and is actually an example of something I bump into frequently: self-righteous morons hiding behind an equality ideology.

There is a segment of humanity that I refer to as Facebook Feminists (FFs) and Reddit RedPillers (RRs) and both drive me insane. Specifically, these are human beings that try to promote their position as indicative of an equality ideology, and all they know about the ideology is a handful of kind-of related opinions that have been moulded to marry up to their existing prejudices. They’re pretty easy spot because they’re the people screaming ‘All men are pigs’ and ‘Fuck Femi-nazis’ in the comments section of every post or article with even the hint of gender bias.  If you’re not sure if that’s you, here’s a quick test:

Do you promote opinions on gender equality, participate in gender debate, tell other people they are wrong for their position… but have never actually read a book on the subject you claim to represent?  Tada!  Hi there FF/RR! I’m sure I’ll see your ‘Misandry against Men’ or ‘Fuck Femi-nazis’ commentary shortly.

Ignorance is societal cancer and thanks to FFs and RRs, it’s a cancer that is spreading with every share and every like (a great example of this is what just happened with Emma Watson). 

If you’ve actually taken the time to educate yourself on the actual ideology of Feminism or the Men’s Rights Movement, if you have read a real book before opening your mouth to weigh in on debate—Thank you.  People like you are the only hope this world has of stemming the tide of just incredibly stupid shit like the actions of the aforementioned parent (and there are waves of idiocy behind her). Actions that you know, FFs are going to defend and RRs are going to claim is actually representative of feminism.

If you’re an FF or RR please understand, that if everything you know about an ideology comes from internet articles without sources, or because ‘someone else said so’–you are an ignorant human being perpetuating ignorance, spreading pain, and often hate, while making life altering decisions based on what is essentially a very large game of Chinese Whispers.

And if you’re one of these ignorant pricks promoting uneducated opinion as fact–read at least one of these (see recommendations at the end), preferably both, and until then, please shut-up.

You’re embarrassing the rest of us.

Please read at least one of these:

Actual letter from parent:

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