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It's not about women, but it should be. An Oh!-pinion on Celebgate/TheFappening


If you were in a room with Hugh Jackman (an outstanding fellow Australian) and for some reason he'd just stepped out of a shower and was wearing nothing but a towel, would you look... or avert your eyes?
Hugh 'The Wolverine' Jackman

What if he dropped the towel... would you look? Regardless of how embarrassing the situation was for Hugh, regardless of whether he asked you to look away, regardless of whether in any other circumstance you would automatically comply with a request to avert your eyes... if it was Hugh 'The Wolverine' Jackman... would you look?  

I'd look, and I'm straight (I'd then make a dick joke even if unwarranted, but that's me...)

What if Hugh was performing on stage in front of thousands of people dressed in nothing but a towel and in the scene, he accidentally dropped the towel - would you look or avert your eyes? Do you think the rest of the crowd would look? What if it was millions of people in the crowd, or billions?  How many do you think would avert their eyes?  I guarantee, the more people in the crowd, the more people are likely to look because even if you would normally look away - you can see that everyone else is looking.  If rubber-necks at traffic accidents has taught me anything, it's that we all want to see whatever everyone else is gawking at, always.

There's an interesting facet to Celebgate where people think that it's about women.  It's not.  The internet is over run with naked women, the internet is also over run with leaked nudes - but no one cares.

Celebgate or The Fappening isn't about women, it's about celebrities. 

Sure, nude leaks are predominantly female. I'd put money on the fact that the hacks are being done by heterosexual men and are therefore targeting women and maybe if we had equal gender representation in the hacking community, we'd see more men leaked (and yes, men are leaked).  

But the hacks aren't what made Celebgate.  The leak is what made it - the media frenzy attached to leaked nudes of celebs - is what made it. 

I promise you, if it was raining celebrity dicks I'd still be reporting on it and so would everyone else and a solid portion of the people looking at these pics are looking for the same reason I am - these people are amazingly beautiful human beings and we all wish we looked just like them or had their lives.  I get demographics on the people looking up Celeb-bait Girls (if Facebook referred), if you don't think women are looking at these pics you're kidding yourself and if you believe those women are all lesbians or bi-curious... you have an interesting view of the universe but I would love to actually live in the reality that you imagine.

For a lot of people, they're looking at this content and revelling in the fact that these people, are just people.  

For anyone who hasn't seen the leak - at least a third of the pics aren't nudes, or even sexual.  They're home movies and pictures of people hanging out with friends, getting drunk, talking to their loved ones, doing things with their pets - and they're being shared with as much fervour as the nudes because it's a glimpse into a life none of us will ever get to grace, and all wish we could.

Is it an invasion of privacy?  Yes.  Is it embarrassing?  Yes.  Is there negative fall-out?  Yes. 

But the fallout is first and foremost attached to the societal stigmatisation of sexuality, particularly female sexuality.  What do I mean?  No one cares about the leaks that aren't nudes/sexual do they? No one cares about the men who are being leaked as part of this, because male sexuality isn't stigmatised.  No one feels bad for the person banging Kate Upton whose erect penis is very graphically being put on display in a dozen pics and half as many videos.  Or Yvonne's man.  Or JLaw's.  Or Lake Bell's.  Or-  

...You get the drift.

Celebgate isn't about women, but it should be - specifically, the stigmatisation of their sexuality because the stigmatisation of female sexuality means that there is a group of people who want to say bad things about the women who took these pictures/videos.  To those people I have this very special message for you: 

I personally hate the stigmatisation of sexuality and think the whole planet would be happier, with far less emotionally damaged people, if we promoted sexuality in the same way we societally promote violence.  I don't understand why every single person who saw any of these pics isn't writing the most sincere fanmail they have ever written, telling these women just how beautiful and amazing they really are.  Once those letters are written, those same people should write to all those women's other halves to tell their men how very lucky they are.  

Celebgate is about celebs first, and women only by association.  But as women are the centre of this leak, and as there are people who want to speak down to those women who were leaked; consider that if you have a problem with their creation of this material, that the problem is yours, not theirs.  These are human beings that wanted to share something wonderful with people that mattered to them.  It is my sincere belief that there is no such thing as sluts, or whores - but there is certainly such a thing as judgemental, prudish, dicks.

We're all just people and no one is speaking down to the men seen in these pics.  If you are speaking down to the women in these pics, but do not hold the men to the same standard - you're not chaste, you're not pure, you're not moral.

You're a self-righteous bigot. 

The stigmatisation of sexuality, particularly female sexuality, is society's cruelest joke.  We all want sex...  why would we punish one gender, ironically the predominantly sexually pursued gender, for being willing to engage in it or its expression?  And if you're one of those judgemental, chastity-driven hate-mongers, if you need to put women down for being sexual creatures...

That speaks about your issues, not theirs.

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