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Reddit / The Fappening and the Prostate Cancer Foundation


Well for a minute there, it seemed like there might be a pretty solid silver lining to all this sordid mess. What silver lining you ask?  Just for LOLS, Reddit thought it would do the charity world a solid and turn all this #Celebgate / #TheFappening traffic into something positive by posting a contribution link to to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and encouraging people to donate in the name of Reddit: The Fappening.

Two things here - take a look at the actual fund figures in the article.

Prostate Cancer kills about as many men as Breast Cancer does women, yet Prostate Cancer gets almost no funding by comparison so I was pretty pleased that something good was happening in relation to this cause.  If you take a look at this particular foundation, Reddit The Fappening was the top contributor - and the fund at that point had only achieved $21,432 out of the requested $1 million it's looking for.

This morning this happened:


Look, I get it.  It's dirty money.  But while PCF is feeling good about its morality, blokes are dying. No one gives a shit about where research money comes from when you're on your death bed.  In a world where prostate cancer is a serious killer and gets no $$$ for research, I believe an old axiom applies 'Beggars can't be choosers'.

But who knows, maybe some big-set-of-pockets celebrity who was part of this scandal will see that PCF was unwilling to exploit them, and said celebrity will grow a soul and donate at least enough money to make up the difference.

But I doubt it.

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