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The Danielle Watts story: A DAN-ism on racism, white guilt, and white privilege.

Danielle Watts in Django Uchained


WARNING: This article may be a fabulous example of The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, or how to piss everyone off at the same time.

A couple of days ago Danielle Watts of  Django Unchained  (which was a freaking awesome movie - if you haven't seen it, go do so immediately) fame got arrested because some cops thought she was a prostitute.  As expected the internet went abso-loot-lee batshit.

Well-meaning keyboard warriors lost their freaking minds, y'know as expected.  ...And then *LOLS* this happened:
Insert stereotypical porn music here...
Yeah... that's her fucking a guy, and there are plenty more pics to corroborate the story.

Look, when it comes to this kind of thing I'm a terrible human being that enjoys a good round of schadenfreude.  Which means that while other people are losing their mind I don't find this surprising at all.  As far as I'm concerned, this may be one of the best examples of western cultural norms.

What norms?

  • A bunch of people screaming 'racism' before they know the whole story
  • A bunch of liberal whites rolling around in white guilt
  • A bunch of rednecks saying racism is bullshit

But more on that in a moment.

What actually happened is that a bunch of people saw Danielle and her man get down and dirty and were asked to stop cause they could all see it happening from their office (#ThinkOfTheChildren). After being asked to stop shagging, the two basically ignored them and went balls to the wall, until he came and she could be seen cleaning up the mess.  Short version, during said happy-fun-times, someone called the cops.*

The cops arrived and did what cops normally do 'Yo, a black chick - clearly a prostitute!' and people said that was racist.

Two things: 1) Ok, stereotyping exists; 2) African Americans still represent one of the lowest socio-economic demographics in America.  That tends to equal doing things you wouldn't normally do for money, like prostitution.  The cops got a call that a black woman was fucking a guy in a car. Unless this happened in a high socio-economic area, the cops coming to the conclusion of 'prostitute' isn't that much of a reach. If they walked into the bedroom of her home and said 'prostitute' - by all means, scream racism.  But in a car on the side of a neighbourhood road with the door open...

I'm guessing from here and upon being arrested Danielle did what any celebrity does, 'Do you know who I am?' and when that didn't work, realised that she was screwed and went, 'Hmm, maybe I can play the racism card?'

If a bunch of white guys try to arrest you and you're black, your culture suffers from 'white guilt' and you know that unless you pull an ace out of your sleeve that you're screwed... would you scream 'racism'?  I think most anyone would and doing so doesn't say a damn thing about the African-American community, it says something about Danielle and how the average human being reacts under pressure.

There is a crowd of people just losing it about how this undermines all the work done to raise awareness on the hard-cards dealt to African-Americans. There is another group of y'know, 'klan-types' that are saying this is proof that the oppression of coloured people is bullshit.

To which I say, things are better for minorities, but they are not perfect.  When I say this, liberal whites lose their shit because they want to roll around in guilt and scream 'white privilege'.  If that's you - please click this link.

Progress comes from an acknowledgement of history as well as an acknowledgement of the present. Stagnation comes when, instead of learning from yesterday, you choose to live in it.

This is not the 1950s. Things are different now and if you disagree, consider there were sections of the African-American community that recieved a military escort just to make it to school cause white folks lost their shit when segregation ended.  Unless you were one of those people who was against the end of segregation, get over it.  An entire generation of people have died since then and attitudes have changed.

I came home from school once and told my dad that I wanted to be black and he lost his shit.  He's dead and so are most of the people like him. Acknowledging that things are better isn't the same as saying they are perfect, it's not even saying that there are not individuals left like him.  But a majority of people have moved on and rolling around in guilt for things you haven't personally done is a spectacular level of self-involvement with exactly as much use as saying everything is fine.

While minorities make up the poorest demographics of any society, consider that in America, African-Americans represent the most influential chunk of American culture and by association a solid chunk of the top one-percent of earners in areas like entertainment (Forbes top 100 earners of 2014).  If you don't think this is indicative of changing white attitudes, the president is freaking black, people, and was elected for two terms.  Do you think that would have happened twenty years ago?

It is an amazing indication of liberal western culture that we roll around in the guilt of white privilege like we're the only people to ever experience privilege.  Um... guess what white people?  We're not the centre of the universe, neither is western society.  Racism exists everywhere.

If you think Asia is running awareness and equal opportunity campaigns for unprivileged 'Gweilo', you're kidding yourself.  A minority is a minority is a minority.  No matter how good things get, being a minority sucks balls and if you're a white (or even just an unpopular type of white) in a place where that race represents a small percentage of the population, prepare for things to suck.

White people do not have copyright on being pricks. And if you're a bleeding heart, consider that the logic of that statement, is exactly why eeeeveryone should be real nice to their society's minorities... especially if you're an American.

Why? No one stays a minority forever.

Right now, non-white Americans are the minority.  It is estimated that in 28 years, white Americans will be the minority.  That means if you're a dick to minorities right now, you have 28 years to significantly turn things around, because in 28 years a 'coloured' person as the president is unlikely to be unusual... and it would be in your best interests if the people making decisions on new law don't have childhood memories of white people being dicks to them.

Consider being nice to minorities a personal investment in your, or your children's, future.

But back to Danielle.

Danielle is a human being, and like all human beings she made a judgement call in a frightening situation, and her call was a bad one.  It happens.  She had sex in a car, so what?  Over here in Australia we have a long tradition of banging all kinds of people in all kinds of cars.  I'm pretty sure 'The back of a Holden' is a trademark here in the land of OZ.  Could the car have been in a better spot?  Yeah.  Could she have taken on board the warning to move things along?  Sure.  Am I surprised she pulled the racism card?  Nope.  White culture enables minorities to do so, why wouldn't you?  That's just people being people.

In the end, Danielle is one person, she isn't representative of the African-American community or any community.  She's one person who did one thing, that action is indicative of her, not anyone else.  But how you react to her actions and whether you say it's evidence of an entire community...

That is a pretty solid indication of how you feel about minorities, isn't it?

*This story may also be the best reason to promote the positive side of premature ejaculation I've ever seen. I mean, the cops aren't the quickest responders to this kind of call... had her boyfriend been quicker at dropping the vaginal hammer, then maybe they could have moved on before the cops arrived #AMiRIGHT?

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