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When this site originally went up it was to promote my work as an author and to keep people coming back by sharing news on some of my interests. I'm a conflicted human being like any other person which means that on one hand I'm into serious issues like Gender Equality yet also into really trivial shit like celebrity gossip - and hot bods, I admire a good looking human being... that's a shallow-as-fuck value possibly at odds with gender equality (depending on your perspective/ideology), but it's there.

Celebgate happened right on the launch of and my pursuit of it completely skewed the tone of this site and suddenly I had three problems on my hands:
  1. There are people out there that are far more offended by boobs than complete irreverence and coarse language. 
  2. People don't want their facebook friends seeing that they like bewbs or abs in their newsfeed.
  3. I have so many interests that people who were coming to DAN-isms for just one type of article were getting lost in all the other stuff. 
Facebook is where I do most of my advertising and I would like to keep doing this without pissing off the people who are boob averse or would like to hit 'like' on DAN-isms without having bums appear in their news feed.

So, DAN-isms has had and is still having a massive overhaul and my little team of technologically-advanced-minions are working behind the scenes to split DAN-isms into a web ring so that we can limit each category to hopefully the stuff you are looking for without bumping into things you don't necessarily want to see.  Unfortunately this overhaul has largely cockblocked my ability to write new content, so, we're in a holding pattern that will last a day or two until it is sorted. SOZ!

In future if you don't want to navigate around the site and you're just after one type of thing you may want to bookmark a DAN-isms subdomain instead, alternatively come to and just click the category at the top of the page. The two CELEB-Bait pages now have their own facebook pages so if you 'like' DAN-isms it isn't a vote for CELEB-Bait and vice versa and CELEB-Bait articles won't appear in your newsfeed (unless you hit like on those pages individually).

If you want to be notified of everything we do in just one spot, follow us on twitter or Google+ by hitting the buttons on the right hand menu on any page.  Other than that, moar content will be coming soon!

 WEB RING DOMAINS: - Novel News & Oh!-pinions of current events by Daniel Kroker - CELEB-bait Girls: Bewbs and butts aka hot-chick-celeb pics and news. - CELEB-bait Boys: Abs, 'guns' and bums aka hot-lad-celeb pics and news. - Nerdgasms: Nerd news on video games, tech and tv/music/film that has a cult following. - Da Funnehs: pics, video and articles that either popped up in my news feed or original humor normally related to recent events - Articles on out-of-the-box gender equality thinking, the middle ground between feminism and the Men's Rights Movement.

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