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Ebola hits US. We're all going to freaking die!!!!



The CDC has confirmed the first case of Ebola in the US at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.  They have a patient in isolation because of his symptoms and travel history and there will be a CDC press release at 5:30PM ET (video statement in following link).

...I feel the overwhelming urge to build a bunker with the bricks I just shat.

As I mention now and again, I'm an atheist but I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness so I have an unbelievable amount of baggage attached to that religious crap that surfaces whenever I read one of these things.

When I was a kid I was raised with a simple premise - everyone's going to freaking die except god's chosen.  At seventeen years of age I was disfellowshipped, the JW version of ex-communication, and that meant I wasn't god's chosen anymore.  So... I lost my shit for a while, sure that god's wrath was just around the corner.  Why?

One of the ideas promoted by JWs is based on a charming biblical scripture that says 'those who saw the beginning of the end, will actually also see the end' - I'm paraphrasing cause I haven't really read a bible in 20 years and can't for the life of me remember what it exactly says.  JWs believe that the sign of the beginning of the end was World War I, a time when mankind finally learned how to build tech that could really screw up the planet.  So my dad personally extended on this idea, being a pragmatist, and would always say to me, 'if the start of the beginning of the end was 1914 (the opening year of WWI) then the end of the world has to happen while someone is still alive from the year 1914. Therefore at worst the end of the world will happen around 2014 cause how many people live more than 100 years of age?'  Ordinary JWs don't actually agree with this position, but my dad was ... compelling.

So this year already sucks for me and I'm dying (no pun intended) for New Year's 2015 to be able say 'Baha, fuck you dad!  *cough*  Sorry, still love you sir...' as he would constantly say this shit over and over again and it's lodged in my brain to the point where whenever a global epidemic occurs I already go fetal and start chanting:

'God is a myth.'
'God is a myth.'
'God is a myth.'
'God is a myth.'

You should have seen me for SARS, or Swine Flu... because you don't have to believe in a Christian God's wrath to work out that disease has a tendency to wipe out solid chunks of humanity (you have no idea what zombie movies do to me...).  Knowing that just requires a history book.  Sure we're better at stopping disease now since the black plague but a few hundred years ago (insert conspiracy theory here) you wouldn't see a massive pharmaceutical company deliberately release a disease into a wealthy country so it could make billions off the government suddenly needing to buy its vaccine/medicine to stop the populace from panicking and revolting.

Remember those vaccine stockpiles for swine flu, that cost some serious dollars.

There's Black Plague in China right now, but you know the Chinese are just going to 'disappear' that village.  Africa has Ebola... with cases apparently spreading to the Middle East (most likely those people will also be disappeared), but a case in the US...

We're fucked people.

No one's going to disappear anyone in the US.  Not when the media knows about it anyway.  Do you think this is the only case that's there or the only one being reported?  If America gets infected it doesn't need to leave the US for the rest of the planet to be screwed, it just has to be infected enough for the stock market to go 'nope, we're not buying anything anymore' because you know that enough panic will collapse the American Economy and from there it's just a ripple effect.



Alternatively, it's just one guy who got sick and maybe you should ignore everything above this and we can all just calm down.

EDIT: Er... the statement made by the CDC says that while there is one confirmed case, that anyone who came in contact with him while he displayed symptoms may also be infected.  So... *shudders*

Either way, I live on a mountain in Australia with a 70,000 litre rain water tank, 8 chickens and 20 fruit trees.  Excuse me while I buy a rifle and enough canned food to last a nuclear apocalypse.  The 'No trespassing' sign goes up tomorrow.

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