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First suspected case of Ebola in Cairns, Australia

Sue-Ellen Kovack, suspected Australian Ebola patient


A 57-year-old woman is under observation in Cairns hospital (that's North Queensland) after being suspected of having the Ebola virus.

Sue-Ellen Kovack spent a month working in Sierra Leone with Ebola victims and felt fine upon her return.

When Sue returned to Australia on the weekend she was healthy but by Tuesday placed herself into quarantine after developing a fever.

Her blood is being sent to Brisbane to be tested.

I have to say, this makes me nervous as hell - and not just because I'm a Brisbane resident.

Both Sue and the Spanish nurse were wearing special suits to protect them the entire time they worked with Ebola patients.  Neither of them can think of any way in which they may have been infected. The Spanish nurse 'thinks' she may have touched her face while taking her suit off, but isn't sure.  Everyone's reporting pretty strongly on the fact that she touched her face, because you know what the alternative is?

If both women did nothing wrong, if both wore their suits the whole time and still contracted Ebola... how safe are these suits?

And if it is suspected that the suits aren't safe and Ebola was to spread into the average population... how many medical personal would help anyone that was infected?  If no medical personnel wanted to assist, how long before the government's solution was just to 'eradicate' the problem?

Now I personally think the suits are fine, I'm sure that this is all just human error.  But it's a creepy thought when the blood for this is being tested at my front door.

We've had a case in Dallas, America (with a second suspected), in Spain, and now Australia.  A US Republican said that we should limit traffic from Ebola countries and everyone lost their mind.  I have to tell you... I don't follow American politics... but that guy is making an awful lot of sense to me.  The mortality rate for Ebola is 90% which doesn't compare to Bird Flu or Swine Flu yet we took precautions for that, why wouldn't we for this?  How bad do things need to get before we take action?

Authorities in the meantime released a statement saying everything is fine:

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