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Iggy Azalea - Top 10 Iggy oddities



Today I'd like to give a shoutout to a fellow Australian, Iggy Azalea.  She's an interesting sort because people tend to love her or hate her on principle.  I was reading about her recent throw down with Snoop Dog which devolved into what I call "Carpal Diem" - which is when you had every intention of "seizing the day" and being productive, but then the internet happened.

I personally am a big fan of her music but upon bumping into a series of "Did-ja-know" facts on Iggy, I thought they were so good that I should share them.

Izzy "Did-ja-know" Facts:
Fact 1
Iggy Azalea got her musical stage name by combining the names of her childhood dog and the street she grew up on.  

I thought that was how you were supposed to select your Porn Star name, but as she is now battling to stop Vivid from releasing a sex tape featuring her, I suppose in a "post-Kardashian" world that maybe those two are interchangable.

Fact 2
Iggy was a wild child and got her first fake ID at 13 so she could "Get hammered and have sex with older men."  

At 13, I was trying to figure out how to do a wheelie on my BMX... so, I feel a tiny bit sheltered.

Fact 3
That same year she got her first tattoo.  She saw the phrase "Trust your struggle" written on a wall and decided immediately to get the phrase inked.  

I once tried to get a tattoo but I saw the needle they do it with and decided there was nothing in life I was that into that I would want someone to stick that in me.  I assume that based on my reaction, that were I a woman, I'd die a virgin-spinster-cat-lady for similar reasons.

Fact 4
Iggy's real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly - which means she already started with a cool name. I guess it wouldn't be very 'thug' to be called Amethyst though.

Fact 5
While Iggy was born and raised in our great southern land of Australia, she saved some cash and blew on over to the states at just 16, by herself.  

At 16 my biggest life decision was whether I would take a knackwurst or a vegemite sandwich to school.

Fact 6
Iggy started as a popstar, not a rapper.  Clearly her choice to change direction was a good move.

Fact 7
Iggy early on in her career dated a guy called A$AP Rocky and got tattoos of his mix tape on her fingers, but broke up soon after.

Fact 8
Iggy has a tendency to get herself into trouble with tweets that have racist overtones.  I find that a teensy bit hilarious considering she's a white aussie that sounds like an African-American.

She was the face of Levi's before her start in the music indsutry:

Fact 10
Iggy gave up crowd surfing at her concerts because people kept trying to stick their fingers in her lady mitten - sorry, vagina, I meant vagina.
So there you go, 10 facts about Izzy - did it change your opinion of her?  I personally never understand why people can't separate a person's artistic product from the person they are outside of their celebrity status - so I'll be over here getting down to Iggy:

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