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Mathameticians prove that has over 2 million times the regular levels of awesome

Achievement unlocked


So, this is the only thing I'm really writing today and then I'm taking the day off, because I have - freaking - earned it!

A little while ago I threw out a request to the internet to help beat the Governator's aka Arnold Schwarzneggar's Google+ view count, and the internet responded with love and only the occassional death threat from inocuos internet mushroom people.*

Well achievement unlocked people, we well and truely smashed it a week or two ago and I just didn't have time to mention it.  We also passed the 2 million views mark (thus the title of this article).

Seriously - everyone who keeps coming by and telling their friends, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

If you haven't read my book 'Cockblocked by Jesus', please download and take a look at the sample chapter and tell your friends about it. While the launch of the paperback isn't for a few days, Amazon is doing print on demands and has made kindle editions available already.

If you liked the book and have an Amazon account please go to and write a stellar review for me :)

No, that is not a snapchat invitation...  or is it?

Seriously, if you would like to shower me with love or hate or even possibly shoot me in the face, I'll be guesting tonight on my good friends Mike's Twitch stream for Friday-Fright-Night's over at where Magik-Mike twitch streams horror games each Friday.

This week we will be retro-gaming the classic first person shooter F.E.A.R  So if you have a copy, feel free to multiplayer with us, if you don't, feel free to watch us fail and jeer/cheer from the chat section or if you're very brave, grab a copy of raidcall and talk to Mike and I live in the stream...


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*No threats were actually made, no Daniel's were hurt in the making of this website.

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