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Nicki Minaj is full of it

Yeeeep, looks totttttallly PC, Nicki.



I should clarify two things up front.

I hate the PC Police.
I love Nicki Minaj.
I mean any woman who uses the line, “I let him eat my ass like a cup cake” is automatically going on my ‘you are my freaking hero’ list.

I find that 90% of the time when the PC Police are complaining about something, it’s just to get air time (eg “Yes, M&M’s are racist, because… reasons”).  As a result, when an issue actually arises that is worth talking about, everyone is so busy rolling their eyes at the last thing the PC Police said that they don’t listen to real and actual issues.

However, this time, the nay-sayers could actually be onto something.

Nicki Minaj released a new video clip for ‘Only’ and people are losing their minds because it is allegedly full of Nazi symbolism (video below).

Nicki of course did exactly what she was supposed to do which is feign surprise and be all, “Y’all I would never do dat!” See her tweets below for her exact words.

She went on say that she would never support Nazi-ism and then explained that the artwork is based on Metalocalypse / Sin City and drawn by Jewish artists.

Wait-wait-wait hold up… Nicki I love you, but did you just say you released a song on “Remembrance day” full of Nazi symbolism… that just also happens to be written by Jews which also happens to politcally cover your big, beautiful ass when it all goes wrong?

Yeah Nicki, it’s all a big co-incidence and in no way shape or form a plan to get tonnes of free press for your new track by having everyone lose their minds… Because you would never do things that are shocking to the PC Police just to get a reaction, just to get talked about. That would be completely out of character.


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