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Thanks Cockblocked Crowd - Australian novels arrive

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There is no feeling quite like receiving a shipment with the label "Daniel Kroker - Author".  Who thought an irreverent love story set in Goodna / Redbank Plains High School could receive such love?, and already had print-on-demand, kindle and electronic copies of "Cockblocked by Jesus" and sales are already doing well via these sites as word spreads so a big thank you to everyone who has told their friends about the book and/or wrote such kind reviews on and

These wonderful boxes of goodies are the first Australian prints of the novel and will be heading into a series of local bookstores as well as signed copies going out to the people who pre-ordered them, and to the very kind people who gave their consent to have characters based on teen versions of themselves appear in the book.

A big thank you to those people who made this book possible both by contributing the creation of memories that are the foundation of this story, giving consent for the telling of this story, and for those that have supported me over the last two years to get this book from a conversation between myself and a mate into this thing that I can now finally hold in my hands.

And thank you to anyone who took the time to read this little piece of me, I am truly grateful.

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