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The top celebrity body-oddities

Denzal Washington dislocated his finger so many times playing American Football that it would regularly dislocate just from moving his hand...



If you've seen the Celeb-bait Boys or Girls categories you'll notice I spend a lot of time watching the amazing physiques of famous people who clearly I'd love to look like - yes, even the ladies - if I could trade my old ass in to look like Allison Brie, I'd miss my penis but we all need to make sacrifices for greatness.  But I digress.

Not ony do I stumble across amazing looking bodies, I stumble on just mounds of "WTF is that? Here is a collection of some of the special oddities about celebrities that you may not have noticed."

Bradley Cooper 

Bradley has a third nipple.  I imagine he's pretty glad the he wasn't born during the Catholic Inquisition.

George Takei

George has been quoted as saying that his wierd feet are the result of sneakers, infections and operations to fix it but many have claimed that this is what the outcome of 'footbinding' looks like.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is a pretty good example of why toes benefit from well fitted flats rather than constantly wearing high heels.

John Stamos

John Stamos has a wierd belly button, I have no idea why - I assume he was either A) born that way or B) had a tummy tuck go real wrong.

Nick Jonas

One of my personal hang-ups are nipples.  Yeah I know, that's shallow, but I always pause when I see a) a girl with tiny nips or b) a boy with huge nips.  Nick is clearly well prepared should he be required to assist with some breast feeding in he future.

Karolina Kurkov

Karolina was voted the sexiest woman alive by E! which is pretty impressive for someone without a belly button.  Karolina's  rep explained that she had an operation when she was an infant that affected the belly button.  I say 'rubbish', clearly Karolina was built as a clone from a combination of the worlds most amazing DNA in a Czech laboratory. Or maybe what she said.

Kelly Rippa

Kelly Rippa has often been commented on as having a nipple for a belly button, and after I read that I have to admit, I can't see anything else.  Or maybe it's that foreskin bit on the front of a baby's penis *shudders*   Kelly just says she's an outie instead of an innie so I'll just move along.

Lebron James

Lebron has some freaky-ass toes, which are another lesson in wear well fitted shoes people.

Matthew Perry

Matt owed the mob some money and this is the result, slammed his finger in a door when he was young and as a result lost part of his finger.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has dwarf thumbs.  I had an ex-girlfriend with exactly the same thing and in each instance have to go... do you care? Look at the girl?  I know people who would cut their thumbs off if it meant getting close to Megan Fox.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has six toes. I guess she can join Bradley Cooper in the joy of not being born in the middle ages as they would both have been put to death.

Steven Tyler

Yeesh!  Steven's feet looks like they went ten rounds with an angry boxer.  Again, wear decent shoes peoples.

Tara Reid

Tara's surgeon botched a tummy tuck and tthe outcome are wrinkles that are normally reserved for a granny.

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