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100 years in women's appearances in 1 minute


One of my favourite writers of all times is my fellow Australian, Kim Wilkins.

I was lucky enough to have Kim speak as a guest lecturer while I was studying creative writing at uni and I remember one of the women in the audience asking her why it was that Kim enjoyed writing horror with Victorian Gothic overtones and she said something along the lines of (paraphrased) "I'm kind of in love with the romance of women in that period.  I get sad when I see girls bent over with a g-string hanging half way out their pants and a meat pie in their face and I can't help but wonder... at what point did we as women lose our grace?"

As I personally have a weakness for the amazing full-figured 1940's /1950's pinup girl, especially their hair, I kind of understand where she's coming from. I also imagine most women are grateful that they no longer have to undergo the kind of maintenance that was required to put that kind of look together. What kind?

Watch the video below to see what was involved in the most popular women's looks of each decade from 1910-2010

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Looking for a good read? Try Kim Wilkins: Infernal.

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