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8 year old boy raises $1 million to find a cure

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When Dylan Siegel was 6, his best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, was diagnosed with GSD 1b, a currently incurable liver condition, Dylan decided to do something about it.
Siegel wrote and hand-illustrated the book Chocolate Bar in order to raise money to find a cure. He set the bar high in 2012 with a goal of raising $1 million dollars.

Just two years and almost 25,000 copies later, Siegel completed his goal. The book has been sold in over 60 countries and has been featured on many daytime talk shows and news websites.
All of the proceeds from the book go to a University of Florida research fund that is working on a gene therapy cure for the rare disease, which only effects 500 children worldwide.
Why Chocolate Bar? Well, the boys use the phrase to say what they think is awesome. Kinda like fetch, except Chocolate Bar is totally catching on.
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