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Blame the Sydney terrorist



Sydney is currently under siege by an islamic terrorist who is holding hostages in a CBD cafe... which has ended my desire to give two shits about celebrity gossip and tech toys.  My sincere apologies to everyone who frequents this blog.

I've heard that there is one guy, or two, and up to 50 hostages.  I've seen descriptions of a single man holding a shotgun or several with automatic weapons and I'm just sitting here, blinking rapidly while I take it all in.

How the fuck is this happening in Australia?  We're an island... guns are illegal for anything other than a single shot rifle.  Don't get me wrong it's a damn big island and asia's pretty close and way more open-minded on guns than we are... but still... how the hell did they get an automatic weapon into the country let alone the CBD?  I once saw a guy get handcuffed for illegal fruit being brought into the country and we couldn't stop an automatic weapon?  You can't exactly tuck an AK into your jeans as you walk into town.

My mind is just spinning in circles.  I just can't stop thinking about the people in that cafe and their families.  What kind of soulless belief system do you have to have put into your brain where you think this kind of thing makes your god happy?  And no, I don't mean muslims - I mean extremists who twist a belief system to suit their agenda.

Every religion has zealots, which is why I'm against the promotion of 'righteous' intollerance by religions (see my thoughts here), but what do you do when the bad guys look the same as the good guys?  I've known muslims, hell I briefly dated one - and while I didn't relate to or understand how you can embed a religion into a culture, they were all happy, peaceful, friendly people.

So how did we get to this?

I don't know.

What I do know is that I feel sorry for what is about to happen to Australian Muslims.  I understand that acts commited in 'righteous' anger, breed 'righteous' anger and after today - you will see a very angry Australia.

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