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Lady-Teach fired after stuffing students in car boot during snack run

Weird news

Well Middle School fired one it's Math teachers (Heather Cagle) after she thought it was a good idea to help her kids ditch school and take them on a trip to the local Wal-Mart to get snacks. But wait, it gets better!

It would appear that heather didn't exactly plan out this caper as her sedan didn't really have the room required to transport eleven children aged twelve to fifteen, plus an adult driver, so Heather did what any person open to thinking 'outside-of-the-box' would do - she placed two kids in the front seat, seven in the back but still had a few left over.  What did she do with those kids...?

She put the extra's in the boot of her car.

*open sarcastica font*
"Er Mrs Cagle, I don't know how long we can breath in here?  There are no air holes..."
"That's ok kids, practice your equations out loud.  Not only will your math improve but if you stop counting I know to pull over and pop the boot for a second."
*close font*

While the trip only left the kids in her boot for a couple minutes it's not something her bosses were particularly thrilled with, arguing that it was dangerous practice involving minors and accordingly terminated her employment.

I personally find this whole story amusing, but imagine how you'd feel if the title instead read 'Male Teacher stuffs minors into boot of car..."


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