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Morons move to ban GTA V because... sexism?


If there is one thing I can't stand in life, it's pretentious assholes making decisions for other people. You know, the kind of people who ban gay marriage because (sarcasm, people's) homosexuality is apparently contagious and can only be spread through marital copulation.  Or the people against the legalisation of Marijuana because if you're neighbour smokes a blunt, you might get... I don't know, a craving for Dorito's and start listening to non-christian hip-hop music.

I believe that there is a simple law in life:

If you don't like something, don't do it.  

If you have an issue with someone else doing it, and it doesn't affect you personally, get over it. And no, the fact that you find something morally reprehensible, does NOT mean it affects you. Until you are required to do the morally reprehensible act, you personally are not affected.  I realise for some of the world that may be shocking but here's another news flash: You are not the centre of the universe, sunshine.

Australia is already one of the most conservative nations there is when it comes to the classification of games.  Many a game has had to be modified for Australian release because apparently our prudish masses take issue with violence in video games... because it's proper place is clearly down at the pub or on the rugby field...

"OMG... think of the children!"  They cry.

We did think of the children you fucking lemming, it's called an R18+ classification.  Would you let your 8 year old watch an R18+ movie?  Why are you buying them an adults-only game?  Or have we returned to the realm of attempting to make decisions for other perfectly intelligent, consenting adults?

*insert sarcastica font*  It is after all sooooo important that we save people from themselves...

GTA V is on the chopping block (and is already banned here in Australia by Target) because it allegedly 'promotes sexual assault and violence towards women.'

I want to point out that I haven't played GTA 5, but I have played all the rest of the them so I suppose that this latest push is the same arguement that has been happening for roughly 17 years (yeah, that long).  So let me make my position on this topic very clear:

If you have a problem with the Grand Theft Auto franchise, please, at least do so for the appropriate reasons.

Grand Theft Auto glorifies violence, crime and objectification - in the same way that countless movies and books, that are allllllll readily available, do.

If you have a problem with any of those things, I'm not sure why you would be launching a war on Grand Theft Auto, but not 50 Shades of Grey (the classic story of Sex Object meets Success Object). If you are launching a war on all things that hold those themes, don't turn on the news, you're gonna be upset.

My bug bear with the current petition is this:
  1. It's misinformed.  The GTA series isn't about violence towards women and anyone who thinks so hasn't actually played it.
  2. Almost all violent video games are about killing men and if a woman dying in a game upsets you more than a man, the fact that you value one gender's life as worth more than the other means that you are potentially unaware of your own genderist attitudes.
Video Games are more often than not violent.  When you draw the line at 'this game should be banned because in it you are able to kill women also', you are actually displaying your own amazing level of sexism.  Video games depict the killing of thousands of men and in all the GTA games you can kill any number of civilians, male or female and have them potentially drop money.

If you are arguing against GTA V from a gender-equality perspective, I ask you, how is killing a female prostitue in a game any more (or less) obhorent than killing a male criminal?  Are not all lives of equal value?

In the words of one of the many people signing the petition just to leave commentary:

“I’m signing this because I live in a nation with established freedoms, where the government is not allowed direct control over what I see, so I have no fear of this taking off.  I am simply here to state that this petition is horrendously misinformed. This game is not about trivialising sexual violence towards women. It is about trivialising all violence.”

If you want this to be an arguement about gender equality, argue that there needs to be an equal number of female protagonists and/or an equal number of female criminals, and/or an equal number of male sex workers (though statistically men make up the majority of violent criminals and women make up the majority of the sex trade so neither of those things would be realisitc... but stealing tanks and fighting police with flame throwers isn't either, so whatever).

Oh and if you're problem is that there are female sex-workers in this game... do any of the story-lines at all in GTA infer that these sex workers were pressed into the sex industry against their will?  If not, I'm not entirely sure why you feel you have a right to cast judgement on the people who choose this as their employment. If you are for the empowerment of women, why would you choose to further stigmatise female sex workers by becoming part of a puritanical system of oppression against them? Perhaps instead of further casting judgement on the hundreds of thousands of women who have chosen to enter the sex profession, you could spend a little more time reading about Stileto Feminism in articles like this.

At the end of the day, it's a game - if you don't like it, don't buy it - but stop feeling you have the right to make decisions for other people who will.

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