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School takes away blind kids cane and replaces it with a pool noodle

Weird news

So in wierd news today we have this little gem.  A North Kansas City School took away a blind kids cane and replaced it with a with a pool noodle because he 'attacked' someone with his seeing eye cane. The move was to provent 8 year-old Dakota Nafzinger from hurting himself and others afer he allegedly hit someone with his seeing-eye-cane.

Cause a pool noodle works just as well as a specifically-designed-for-blind-people cane #AmIright?

The parents in turn have done what every parent does and gone 'oh no, not my kid!' and claimed that sometimes he just raises the cane as part of his 'where the hell am I going cause I'm blind' movement and that it was therefore misinterpretted.

My response to this is to put my hands over my face and just moan the word "Seriously???"

I think everyone in this story is playing the worlds most amazing game of 'cover my own ass before the PC police get me.'  Why?
  1. School may be where you go to get an education but is also the place where soulless minions of evil who have not yet learned to act like human beings children do terrible things to each other, especially if you're different, like say... if you were blind.
  2. Anyone who thinks a blind kid being picked on and holding a freaking long-pointy-whacking-type-implement isn't going to respond to verbal abuse with 'huzzah, take this you fools' is seriously overestimating 8 year-olds and humanity in general.
But seriously... replacing the cane with a pool noodle?  What kind of freaking administrative genius saw this situation and went "I know how to fix this guys!!!"

Video interview below:

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