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Scientology's marketing may need to come with a tutorial or guide


As an atheist, I find people dissing Scientology to be fascinating because the people cussing out scientology are normally people who follow another religion which leaves me with thoughts like:

The group of people who believe beings came from space via a space ship to start their religion are considered to be weird... But the group of people who believe that a guy came from heaven (via virgin birth) to start their religion, are normal? 


Anyway, this time I stumbled across a Scientology video that they spent quite a bit on, to promote their faith to their followers and when I started watching it I did feel like the first time I logged into Warcraft and someone in trade chat yelled: "LF3M BT Herioc run, Tank or DPS."

In short, maybe I'm just not down with the Scientology lingo to understand what is happening in this video, but I bailed after a minute cause I just couldn't take it anymore.

Anyway, watch it for yourself and see if you can decipher what is happening in this monstosity.

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