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Vaginas - not the best place to hide your crack

Weird news

There's a joke in here somewhere about putting crack in your crack, but that might be confused for buttcrack, so let's leave that one alone.

April Rollison died one week after being admitted to a Florida Jail.  Polk Count Jail found a glass crack pipe and bottle in her vagina during a full body cavity search and had her admitted to Bartow Regional Medical Centre to have it safely removed.  Unfortunately it looks like the staff at both centres didn't... er... delve deep enough, because when April was returned to jail she became ill and eventually died a week later.  How?

A post mortem autopsy revealed that she had methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana in her system.

On a side note, that may be the most fun-time vagina ever made #AMIRIGHT?

An investigation showed traces of cocaine on the floor at the hospital and investigators theorise that April had the rest of the stash in her lady-hidey-hole, which after being given a moment of privacy to use a bedpan, she consumed (er the drugs, not her lady- ... Nevermind).

The lesson I take from this is less "Don't do drugs kids" and more "don't do all your drugs at once, kids" also, the reason I can't find Waldo in all those Where's Waldo? books is because he's probably been hiding in April's vagina this whole time and having a hell of a party while he was there.


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