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Wierd news: 27 year old woman repeatedly slaps 72 year old woman because... Facebook?

Weird news

When I first saw this story I thought it was a typo because the attacker was 27 and the victim was 72 but apparently that age difference is spot on.

Tampa Bay Times reports that deputies arrested Rachel Anne Hayes for aggravated battery after the elderly woman would not accept her Facebook request.  The victim felt that Rachel's facebook name was inapropriate (no report of the actual FB name) and would not accept the request unless she changed her name.  This led to a disagreement between the two women  causing Rachel to leave only to return later and enter into a physical altracation on the thresh hold of the elderly woman's home during which the young woman struck the older woman several times before she was able flee and lock herself in her home.

Personally I'm just grateful this isn't a dispute over Farmville, cause that shit gets reeeeal.


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