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Cutting off unfaithful penises, apparently justified and hilarious



Domestic Violence isn't funny, there is no situation in which it is justified, there is no situation in which it is ok.  Domestic violence is wrong. Unfortunately, some people believe that domestic violence at times is not only justified, it's hilarious.  This story has been making the rounds everywhere:

In summary, a woman in China found out that her partner was unfaithful, then as he slept, took a pair of scissors and cut off his penis.  The bleeding, mutilated man recovered his member and fled to a hospital to have it re-attached.  Unfortunately the woman then tracked him down (how was she not in custody?)  where she proceeded to cut it off again and throw it out the window.  This time however the penis could not be recovered and it is theorised that some sort of animal made off with it.

There's speculation that this story is a work of fiction (though many sources are cited), regardless, what I find amazing is how it's being reported on and some people's comments on it.  Here are some of the opening lines to this story:

"If at first you don't succeed...",
"This right here is commitment...", and
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..."

Isn't that a delightfully light tone for the disfiguration of a human being?

I had to blink rapidly when reading this article on most blogs because anytime I read an article like this I check my genderist attitudes by gender-flipping the story and seeing if I feel the same. Here let me demonstrate:

A man comes home and finds out that his partner has been unfaithful, while she sleeps he gets a pair of scissors and cuts off one of her breasts.  A horrified, bloody mess she manages to flee to the hospital.  Her partner, dissatisfied with his work, follows her to the hospital and after the breast is re-attached, cuts off both and throws them out the window where they are made off with by animals.

Now picture at the end of that article you find these vomit-inducing comments (gender flip them if necessary):

I'll say it again, domestic violence is never ok, but that's just my oh!-pinion.  What's yours?

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  1. Well said, the making-light of serious violence is sickening enough, but when you combine it with the pervasive bias by the media and the whole women as perpetual victims/men as predators narrative ... I've added a link to your article within my blog at

  2. cheers Chris I appreciate it!

  3. Yeh, it seems that nothing is so hilarious than violence against a man. Especially sexual violence. Orwellian double speak and double standards are alive and well.

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