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Destroy your enemies with glitter bombs!

Weird news


Short short version of this story.  Fellow Australian Matthew Carpenter started a company that made spring loaded glitter packets shoot out of containers, covering everything in an almost impossible to clean up mess.  He then marketed this product online as something you could order and have delivered as a humorous piece of retribution to your enemies.  The problem was, the product did too well.

After almost 2.5 million hits and being shared around over 400,000 times he sold the company.  Why?  Because he's a prankster and not a business mogul, organising shipping etc is a big pain in the ass.  Still he netted himself a cool $85k in just under a month of work.  Well played Matthew.

Now excuse me while I visit and start shipping these things out by the crate.  When you write a book called Cockblocked by Jesus, you tend to get some angry letters - time to send some back!

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