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Handcuffed woman makes high speed getaway in stolen cop car

Weird news

Grand Theft Auto eat your heart out.  This is the real life story of Roxanne Rimer who asked her grandfather to drive her to the shops for a pair of earrings.  What Roxanne didn't tell old pappy was that she planned to steal those earrings, who ran from the store (pursued by security) and then told old grandpappy to STEP ON IT!

Grandpa Rimer wasn't threilled with this scenario and pulled over for police who arrested Roxanne.


After being thrown in the police vehicle, Roxanne climbed through the opening in the plastic partition seperating her from the driving section, and with her hands still cuffed behind her back, stole the police car and led authorities on a merry chase of up to 100mph.

She eventually pulled over and asked someone to drive the cop car for her, which is when she was apprehended.  Best part - the whole thing was captured on film via the police dash cam.

Video highlights below - enjoy :)


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