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What's with all the lady-teachers banging their students?

Weird news


Seriously, I missed out in highschool. I always just thought it was overwhelming christian guilt cockblocking me, who knew it was the fact that I was supposed to be making passes at the teachers.

Melody Lippert and Michelle Ghirelli were arrested by Californian police for having sex with their students. The LA Times had this to say:

South Hills High School teacher Melody Lippert allegedly met a group of male students in November at the beach, where she gave them alcohol and “engaged in a sexual relationship with one of them,” according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

A few weeks later, Lippert allegedly set up an overnight camping trip to the same beach with some students along with Michelle Ghirelli, who had taught at South Hills before being assigned to work in the school district’s offices. The two women are suspected of having sexual relations with the students during that trip, which was not sponsored by the school.

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