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When did Will Ferrell become a woman-beating asshole?

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EDIT:  This was a stunt as part of a movie - please ignore.

Will Ferrell is generally a funny guy, sometimes funny-awkward and occasionally just funny-painful.  Well now he's just painful.

He was attempting a half-court shot at a Lakers vs Pelican's basketball match when for no apparent reason he smashed a ball into the face of one of the cheerleaders?  There's a series of commentary pieces that say this might be an attempt at generating movie-buzz for his new film where he plays a privileged white asshole, but if it is a stunt, it's the worst I've seen. 

The alternative is that he just has rage issues. Why?  I don't know.

Regardless, I'm not sure who would find attacking a woman for no reason to be funny.  Pictures and video of the incident below:

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