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50 Shades of Disney dramatic over reaction


WARNING: The NSFW Disney pics being discussed in this article are after the page break.

There are two types of people - those who live on the internet, and those that don't.

That later segment of humanity, who doesn't know that everything you can possibly think of has an "adult" version on the internet, lost their minds recently when a cartoonist over at Deviant Art drew a series of pictures for Cosmopolitan depicting Disney characters in 50 Shades of Grey type animations.

I raise an eyebrow at the furor for two reasons:
  1. Images like this have been floating around on the internet pretty much since it's inception.
  2. Isn't this what princess/prince disney fairy tales have been selling us all along?
The one consistent message in all fairy tales is that the woman must be "beautiful" to meet her true love, and the man must be a "handsome prince" (with the exception of Beauty and the beast, where the man becomes handsome eventually).  In short, all of our childhood stories revolve around the re-enforcement of the message that true love happens when a "sex object" meets a "success object".  You'll note, in all of these stories the woman has no value beyond her physicality, and for a man to have value, physicality is just the starting point - he must also be wealthy and powerful.

At the end of that joining of two people who have been objectified, just in different ways, they live happily ever after.  But doesn't "happily ever after" infer engaging in a lot of bedroom (red room?) antics.  What couple is happy without an interesting sex life?

As for the idea that kids might find these pics - every browser now-a-days has a family filter option. Set it to 'high' if you're worried, take charge of what your kids can access instead of moaning about the fact that adult content exists.

My only complaint is that as this is based on 50 Shades of Grey, none of the women in these pics are the 'dominant'...  and isn't every healthy relationship about a bit of give and take?

But that's just my oh!-pinion.  What's yours?


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