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Author John Green apologises re: Papertowns quote

Weird news

John Green is the Author of PaperTowns whose novel is currently being turned into a movie.  A quote was famously attributed to his book and made the rounds of the internet and productised in an entire series of ways... with one small problem:

He never wrote the line, it's not even in the book.

This video explanation by John is freaking hilarious in my books (literary puns ftw) and I have to say that I personally get where he's coming from. 

I've read my book, a lot.  In the editing process you can go through your book so many times that all the words just bleed together in your brain into a giant hodge-podge mess, which can eventually make it pretty easy for people to quote you on something you wrote and for you to go..."Really? I said what? Okay then..." with zero recollection of whether or not that thing actually happened in the book.

So what's the quote and how did he fix its mis-attribution?  Check out the video to find out.

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