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Edible Anus Chocolates...?

Weird news

Ever have one of those mornings where the internet just happened to you?  I'm having one of those days apparently and amongst my rounds of celebrity gossip was this - chocolate buttholes...

These are real, hand-crafted chocolates made from the mouldings of real people's anus'.  But not just chocolates, though that's their best-seller, why not a bronze or glass keep-sake-moulding, or a butthole t-shirt? Give you significant other the gift they'll remember forever...

This is a video of one of the 'chocolate' models, who will have a bronze of her anus cast and then that cast theoretically cast as chocolate...  I say theoretically because after a while I just said "Nope, I'm out..." and couldn't make myself watch the whole thing. Enjoy!

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