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A guide to Dick pics, by Reece

Weird news

Dick pics.  This is something that if you were born before the age of the camera phone, you've probably never had to ponder.  Fortunately Reece is here to guide you (and at the moment a great portion of the internet) through the most popular angles for taking pictures of your member, for the purpose of sending said picture, to other people.

On a personal note, please don't send your dick pics to people who didn't ask you to. Penises are horrible looking things; having a *insert skin tone here* cucumber attached to some left over elbow skin that cradles a small pair of plums thrust into your eyeballs without consent is not cool.

That being said, the comment on these sets of pics that made me laugh the hardest was "Reece is good looking girl... if only there was some sort of picture I could send her, letting her know I was interested..."

Reece's guide on dick pic'ing below:

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