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Giant golden clitoris! Because... art?

Weird news

Thanks to having the world's weirdest parents, when other kids were out kicking a ball I was locked in my bedroom studying copies of women's magazines, trying understand what women want from a man. In brief, my love affair with the clitoris has been long and ongoing... but not so inspiring that I'd want to build art around it.  Brooklyn's finest artist, Sophia Wallace, however totally is (clitorally inspired I mean)...

The picture below is a picture of Sophia's latest work but this is only the beginning of her clit-themed artistic magic as explained by Scene's editor Laura Hutson:

Nashville may be It City, but Sewanee is closing in on the title of Clit City: An enormous gold clitoris was installed yesterday in The University of the South’s main library. The artist, Sophia Wallace, has a history of feminist, clitori-themed work, which includes the neon sign proclaiming “Cliteracy” that was also installed at the Sewanee site. The work is part of Wallace’s clit rodeo, an interactive performance wherein participants take turns riding a mechanical clitoris instead of a bull.

*Insert mandatory joke here about whether male visitors have been able to find the art exhibit*


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