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Why Robin Thicke should never have been sued

Weird news

Robin Thicke was just sued for like $7 million dollars 'cause his bass line - just the bass line - kind of sounded like someone elses song from ages ago...

Do you have any idea how many songs use exactly the same chords? Do you?

When I teach people to play guitar I tend to ask them what type of music or band they like and then teach them the C, D, E and G chords first - because every genre of music has a list of songs that all use a combination of just these chords, in very similar progressions and timings.

That doesn't make them the same song.

To illustrate this point I've included the amazing video above by Australia's own The Axis of Awesome, check out how many song you know, that not only use exactly the same chords, but exactly the same chord progression...

"We all gonna get sued - heyheyheyhey!"

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