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A 66 year old woman is suing homosexuals. All of them... #Merica

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Weird news

A charming old white woman from Nebraska is suing all homosexuals.  I'm not entirely sure if she's including bi-sexuals or pan-sexuals or any other "sexual" that might graze against the homosexual category, but definitely all the clear-cut gay people are on notice.  What is the premise of her suit?

"That homosexuality is a sin and that they the homosexuals know it is a sin to live a life of homosexuality.  Why else would they have been hiding in the closet?"

Oh I don't know.... maybe because the closest is the safest place to hide when ignorant f***ing bigots are looking to kill you?   The term "faggot" after all literally refers to a dried stick or bundle of twigs used to fuel a fire, which is how the term came to be used as a derogative for gay men - because they were historically tied to a stake and burned when Christians decided to "throw another faggot on the fire..."

What blows my mind about this story is that there isn't even the mention of a legal premise, but it's still actually happening.  How did no one at submission go "Um... you need to mention a legal issue of some sort when you file this..." There isn't a law being cited, there isn't a question of the legality of homosexuality, there isn't a conversation about the rights of people to get married.  The entire premise is "I'm suing gay people for sinning..."

Did America suddenly become a theocracy at some point and forget to pass out the global memo?

But wait! That's the not the best bit...  The suit claims she is acting on behalf of God and Jesus Christ because god calls homosexuality an abomination...

Okay I've read the Christian bible a lot (thank you awkward/painful childhood) so here's some thoughts on that premise. The Christian bible does indeed mention "men having unnatural affection for one another" and at the time of Roman rule it was considered a very bad thing (though the Greek empire directly before it, was totally cool with it). The bible is a period piece of literature and therefore it's position on most things is based on what was acceptable at the time, things have changed, the Christian religion has adapted and we are all still fine.

Consider that when the bible was written it accepted slavery and concubines, the idea that a woman's place was to be "obedient to her husband", and polygamy (happy to quote chapter and verse if people need it).  Also, you could stone to death disobedient children.

In the "christian" west, slavery and concubines are illegal, women's rights have come a ways in the last 50 years, you can't murder your children and very few places include the legal definition of marriage as the joining of a man and a woman... and another woman and another woman, to a man they love very much.  Yet Christianity continues to exist and flourishes with these adjustments.

Seriously if you believe in a perfect almighty god, and don't think homosexuals are part of his plan I have one question:

As far as I'm concerned, the two biological nuggets mentioned above either mean that a divine creator planned for people of the same gender to rub genitals together or that there is no god and evolution has helped us adapt to the very normal urge to rub genitals with whoever you find really attractive (regardless of gender).

When it's all said and done I seriously doubt Sylvia Ann Driskell's submission will ever make it to court, but the fact that conversations like this one are even still necessary, pains me greatly.


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