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Supergirl looks AWESOME, angry feminists and fanboys need to relax


The world is unfortunately full of people who thrive on negativity and the internet spewed those people out in force this morning when the Supergirl trailer was released.   Those people can, quite frankly, all form a queue and blow me, and here's why...

Angry Feminists (whom I'm separating as a group from intelligent, well-adjusted people interested in gender equality) who have never picked up a comic in their life, did their block again today as they have been for years.  They're mad that there is a Superman and a Supergirl, when there should be a Superwoman.  Except their vitriol is based on ignorance.

If those individuals spent more time reading about the thing they were criticizing they would know that there is a Superboy and a Superwoman and the terms girl and boy in each instance refer to the age of the character at the time they came into their powers, it's just the comic franchises for Superman is more popular than Superboy and Supergirl is more popular than Superwoman.  So if you're angry at the naming of Superman vs Supergirl, you can blame gender culture... or understand that the fangirls reading those comics preffered to read about girls their own age, and men, not boys - and the fanboys preferred to read about girls their own age, and what it would be like to be a man. TV execs in turn spend money on turning the most popular comic franchises into TV Shows and movies because they don't give a damn about childhood nostalgia or gender equality, beyond the point where it equals dollar signs.

The next round of angry screaming came from the idea that maybe Supergirl likes boys.  No they don't want her to be a lesbian (though I'm sure someone is wishing/complaining about that too). There's the suggestion of dating melodrama as part of this series... which... happens... in every hero series, so I don't see the problem.  Hello? Felicity Smoak / The Arrow?  Iris West / The Flash?

I find it amazing that there is some sort of idea that female superhero's have to be brooding unemotional blocks of lead in order to be perceived as equal, when almost every male superhero on the planet is driven to fight for, or to save, or to avenge, someone or something they love(d).  Love, is literally the underpinning driver of almost every superhero, even if it's just love for their city and it's inhabitants.

Comic books aficionado's (ergo, supernerds) cracked the angry-sads about the series with comments like this:

As always "lets change the story to make the general public happy instead of the actual fans who read the comics" in this one trailer they bashed men twice.. come on.

... Really?

I have a penis, I write frequently on gender equality, I missed any man-bashing that happened at all in this trailer.  But that may be because I was smiling like a star-struck idiot at the cast and what felt like a trailer for a super-hero series with the tone of Gossip Girl (F*** you. I loved Gossip Girl...).

Enough about angry people.

The casting on this is perfection and if you're a cult TV series fan you'll be as happy as I am with the people that perform in this.

Melissa Benoist (Glee) is almost perfect as Supergirl.  While there are those that think that the Supergirl character is too light and fluffy with wholesome-family-good-times overtones, people seem to forget that so is Superman.  Supergirl and Superman stem from a period of time where an "aw-shucks" mentality was seen as incredibly positive, where serving your country and being respectful of others etc were seen as the thing to aspire to.  That might not fit with the 2015 selfie-obsessed mindset, but I kind of love that retro-morality. Melissa plays that kind of role perfectly and if I could have influenced the casting then I would have said the only person more perfect for the role of Supergirl, would have been Blake Lively.

Supporting Melissa are a host of other TV favourites including Mehcad Brooks (Necessary Roughness), Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Chyler Leigh (Grey's Anatomy) - even Dean Cain who played Superman in the original Lois and Clark series (that I'm currently rewatching) makes an appearance.

Short version, when this was originally announced, I rolled my eyes.  However, after watching back to back episodes of Agents of Shield, The Flash and The Arrow, I'm pretty tired of "dark and gritty". The trailer for Supergirl makes me think the fresh tone and casting of this series is perfect, and I'm uber-excited for it's arrival.

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