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Watch old lady bust happy-moves to a beat boxer

Weird news

So it's Thursday, the day that brings both joy and pain because it's almost Friday but it still isn't. It's like that moment where a girl invites you inside for coffee after a date, and after you graciously accept, the only thing she gives you, is coffee.  As that feeling is "yissssss" followed swiftly by "noooooooo", I thought I'd help pull you out of that feeling with this video of an old lady saying "screw agism" and busting out some dance moves to a beat boxer in Bruxelles.

On a side note, that road was built by the Roman Empire, so if you're an American / Australian / Kiwi, that road is older than your whole country.... How's that for perspective?

*sings* "The hillllllls are alivvvvve with the soundddddd of musiccccc...."

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