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Could you watch porn with the pornstar? Watch these reaction videos


Could you sit next to a porn star, while watching the porn they performed in?  Or would it be too awkward?

*Confession time*

Soul-sucking nostalgia for $$$, The Big Trouble in Little China remake

Big Trouble in Little China may be one of the most underrated movies of all time.  While the plot and script is ridiculous, it's all delivered so effortlessly by Kim Cattrall and Kurt Russell that you have to love the hell out of the original.  Which is why I'm not sure about a remake...

Kanye couldn't look any happier to be having another baby LOL

"18 years, 18 years... She got TWO of your kids, got you for 18 years..."

Weird news

Ah the Kardashians...

Y'know I used to enjoy a touch of high school drama, but thanks to the Kardashians I get to relive all that shit again from the comfort of my pc without even having to worry about being punched in the face.  The expression on Kanye's face in this pic is truly priceless, you can just see the feelings of impending doom on his face like he's living the real life version of this Louis CK skit:

Anyway, the actual news:

Wanna make LEGO gummy candy? Here's how!

Cute news

I was a mad LEGO fan as a kid, freeform LEGO mind you... I never understood the new LEGO that requires you to follow assembly instructions. Aren't toys meant to push you to be creative?  If I wanted to learn how to construct things by instructions I'd buy IKEA furniture...

Anyway I digress.  Some clever soul figured out how to turn gummy lollies into LEGO blocks, so now when your finished playing with your toys instead of cleaning them up, you can eat them!  A great idea for kids parties.  Enjoy!

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