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Kanye couldn't look any happier to be having another baby LOL

"18 years, 18 years... She got TWO of your kids, got you for 18 years..."

Weird news

Ah the Kardashians...

Y'know I used to enjoy a touch of high school drama, but thanks to the Kardashians I get to relive all that shit again from the comfort of my pc without even having to worry about being punched in the face.  The expression on Kanye's face in this pic is truly priceless, you can just see the feelings of impending doom on his face like he's living the real life version of this Louis CK skit:

Anyway, the actual news:
Kim Kardashian revealed that she’s expecting her second child with Kanye West in the supertease following tonight’s mid-season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
The clip shows Kim hearing the exciting news during a doctor’s appointment shortly before spilling the beans to Khlo√© Kardashian.
“I just got the blood test back, and I am pregnant!” Kim—who’s beaming ear-to-ear—exclaims to her stunned sister.
Yeezus! Kardashians - as if there wasn't enough of them already.  Meh, kids are a blank slate, there's a chance that Kanye's kids will become the next mega-lawyers for human rights, who knows.  In the meantime I can't help but feel that in the not to distant future we'll be hearing this pitch from Kanye instead:


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